​We facilitate a forum on Facebook where members of the community meet and post their donations and their requests.


Link to our Facebook forum:

The Jewish Gift Closet




We match successful and caring professional with those who have lost a job and need a helping hand to help them get back on track. 


See our volunteer opportunities to become a part of this program.



Our warehouse is open Mondays from 10AM-2PM, Thursdays 10AM-2PM, and the first Sunday of the month from 11AM-2PM. We distribute clothing, shoes, accessories, children's equipment (strollers, car seats, etc), gifts, bridal gowns, furniture, small electrical appliances, gifts and more. 


Our emergency fund assists the members of our community who are facing critical monetary situations. Most of the people we serve have no financial reserves and any unexpected life crisis results in major difficulties impossible for them to overcome.


However, our funds are limited and cannot meet the demand. If you would like to donate to this fund please follow the link: 


We collect unused timeshare vacation weeks and donate them to families in need of a lift from their daily struggles. We also organize outings during school vacation for children whose families cannot afford to send them to camp and we have an ongoing concert tickets program. 


If you have timeshare weeks to donate or free passes to amusement parks, please contact us!


We connect isolated and unaffiliated Jewish individuals to communities nearby and facilitate their participation in holiday celebrations.